What is Elewir?

Elewir is a made-up word. Many years ago, I wrote and completed a novel which still sits on my hard drive (and printed in a comb-bound book thanks to my dear hubby who was so proud) and is also on my Nook in a PDF format because I like to torture myself. It is a bad novel and who knows if it will ever be revised. But the point is, there was a place called Elewir. For some reason, I got it in my head back then that “wir” meant “woods” in German, but it doesn’t, it just means “we” in German. In Welsh is means “indeed.” “Ele” is a prefix intended to imply “elven,” ergo: Elven Woods. Thus making this blog the “Grove of the Elven Woods.”

At the time of its writing, I decided the novel needed the obligatory invented language of a high fantasy novel, so I invented a language stuck together by grabbing bits of Swedish, German, Welsh, Old English and Pure Nonsense. It’s not coherent in any way, and there is no consistency for verbs, nouns, name formation, etc. I am not a linguist and shouldn’t invent languages. I’m better at simply telling a story.

But in the meantime, I have this word. And I have the domain name, so it’s mine and it’s unique at the least. So, for the purposes of my usage, it is what it is and that is: it’s the Place where I Hang my Blogging Hat.

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