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Observations on Lacking Twitter

There are many times per day that I find myself wanting to post a witticism to Twitter. But more often, what I notice is that I have something brief to just mention, a note that doesn’t call for an entire … Continue reading

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Progress Report: my hiatus from social media

It was February 18 when I declared that I would be laying off Twitter (and other various forms of social media) for the 6-week period people have come to know as Lent. So here I am, having reached the midway … Continue reading

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Giving Up Social Media for Lent

It seems odd to talk about giving up anything for Lent. Least of all because I am not Catholic. But also because the thing I’ve chosen is social media. And I’m blogging about it, of all things. But I think … Continue reading

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Time wasters (Or: Giving Myself [and Maybe a Few Others] a Good Talking To)

Here’s the thing… Ask yourself this question: on your deathbed, as you recount your life’s accomplishments, or regrets, do you think you’ll find yourself saying “I wish I’d spent more time on Facebook/Twitter/watching sports on TV/being inflammatory to strangers on … Continue reading

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