Some Considerations for the Coming Year

It is okay to not engage in figuring out what other people are thinking. It is perfectly acceptable, even, to not try and control what they are thinking. Trying to control other people is insanity, really. You do not want others to control you. Why would it be okay to control them?

There is a lot of stuff in the world that seems unjust, wrong, hateful. We like to categorize such things as malicious, as though there really is a super villain out there twisting a long mustache and rubbing his hands together with glee, saying “Mwahahaha!” Very melodramatic. But really think about that for a moment and consider whether it is rational to believe this. Or is it more rational to think that sometimes one person’s goals work counter to our own? And that to them, you might be the villain? You don’t think you are one. Neither do they.

Try stepping outside yourself, look at yourself objectively. You are not your identifiers. You are not your hair color, your shoe size, your parents’ upbringing, your possessions, your food choices, your illness. These are things you have. They are not what you are. It’s all illusion.

For the coming year, it is my hope to practice compassion and share it with others, and seek a better understanding of it. It is my hope that others do so as well.

Category(s): Ruminations, Spirituality

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