My Upcoming Surgery schedule & a request for energy

On Monday, March 19, is my cerebral artery angiogram. The imaging shows shadows around one of those arteries, which could be scar tissue from the surgery in 2010, or it could be new tumor growth. They are worried it may have compromised the artery, in which case they would sever it (as long as they think it is safe to do so). I’d prefer to keep both arteries, so at 8am-9:30am CDT (1300 to 1430 UTC/GMT), please focus a thought during that period on the way being clear and uncompromised.

There is not a time listed on my schedule for the surgery, just a note that I’m being admitted on 3/20/12. I am thinking the actual admission time might be dependant on some other factors, but I ask that, if you will, please hold a thought for me on the day of Tuesday, March 20. That is the day they open my spine up again, and do things in there to get the tumor growth off completely. They may have to sacrifice one of the nerves that controls muscles in my right hand. It kinda sucks, but is preferable to doing this yet again in the future, or having it spread so far into the spinal canal that nothing can be done.

If you believe in gods or a God or the Beloved Goddess, send them a wish on my behalf. If you don’t, I am requesting just a thought, just holding a thought in your mind, for just a minute. Can you do that, for a friend or a stranger? I’m crowdsourcing energy and all the magic I can round up. I’ll be in Houston, TX, if that makes a difference in whatever it is you might do.

Thank you, brothers and sisters.

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