Jobs I’ve had: installment 1

This is a new segment I am calling “Jobs I’ve had,” in which I talk briefly (or not) about a job I had. I’ve been thinking back, trying to recall things like this, mostly so I don’t lose the memories. But especially of late, because I’ve had to start taking a serious look at how much longer I can keep working before I just can’t do it anymore. Before I become un-employable.

And it may or may not be all that interesting. But it’s my damn blog and I’ll talk about whatever I please.

Today I was playing Bejeweled Blitz and was reminded of a temp job I had in a law office, downtown in Austin, Texas. They put me at the reception desk to answer the phone and I was only very occasionally called away to do a bit of light filing. I wasn’t allowed into email, nor was I to be given any actual work to do. I even remember one of the partners beginning to give me some kind of spreadsheet to work on but it was yanked back before I got started. The assignment originally was to be about 3 days but as I recall it stretched out to almost two weeks.

It was a fairly small firm that rented space in a big, fancy building with a parking garage and my car was probably the crappiest one in there. There were occasional visitors to the office, but mostly the phone needed coverage. So I sat there for 8 hours a day, reading books or playing bejeweled and some other games I’d found on Yahoo at the time. This was before smart phones were a thing. Like when people still felt like Blackberries were the hippest thing available. Pretty easy money, though it could also be a bit mind-numbing if I finished my book before the day was out.

What was actually interesting about it was the reason I was filling in for a law firm’s receptionist for 2 weeks. And honestly it surprised me they even told me. It was because she was in hiding from her boyfriend. Apparently he was threatening her, physically, and so she had to bug out for a while. I mean I guess it made sense to tell me so I wouldn’t accidentally tell him where she was, should he call (as if I knew). Still. Strange circumstances. Which amounted to two weeks of easy pay for me.

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