It’s come to this

For some reason, even though my deductible is $1000 (which I’ve met) and my maximum out-of-pocket is $3000 (which I’ve also met) I am staring at a bill from MD Anderson Cancer Center for more than $7000. Which I do not have. In addition to that, there are seperate bills for the day I spent at St. Luke’s and for some reason, the catheter placement. In addition to that, I still owe about $2000 to Texas Oncology from last year’s radiation therapy (the one that didn’t work) and another $2000 from the Austin Radiological Association for the numerous MRIs and CTs I’ve had since 2010 as they tried to figure out why I was in so much pain in the first place and then the follow-ups to my first surgery. I’m contacting the insurance to find out why exactly my bill from the hospital is several thousand dollars higher than my annual max out-of-pocket, but they are also the same insurance company that called me at 9pm one night after I came home from the hospital to ask if I by any chance had other insurance coverage to pick up some of the tab.

I don’t know if anything will come of this, but thought it might be worth a shot.

EDIT (1/15/13): Removed chip-in widget so it wouldn’t keep loading long after the campaign ended.

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