It’s about that Healthy GLOW

I was writing in ScribeFire, but it does some funky formatting tango to my posts without my telling it to, which leaves me having to remove a bunch of CSS I didn’t tell it to do, which is hardly the point of using a tool meant to streamline the process of writing a blog post, wouldn’t you agree? So, today I’m composing in Evernote, because I am used to the interface as I use it for note taking at work. It saves where I am no matter what. This post is in part a test to see whether I face the same formatting wackiness as with ScribeFire. (I should probably just stick with Scrivener for composing, but I do like being able to pick up from any computer. We shall see.)

The hubby and I returned home late Friday night from Houston. The rental car we drove (my vehicle has been overheating on long trips and S’s pickup has no AC) had satellite radio which was amazing for making the trip go by while we focused on all the music choices we had to hand. While we were waiting for my 5:30pm radiation treatment, we had checked out of the hotel (the latest we could stay in the room was 2pm) but they have a lovely atrium and outside seating, plus there is a computer room where any guest can check their email or their MDACC schedule, and so on. I decided to check the schedule to see if it had changed, because it tends to do that without warning. And while my appointment for the afternoon was still at 5:30pm, I noted that the ones I’d had scheduled for 5/22-5/23 were moved to the end of June. And since I was right there in the lobby of the hotel we’d be staying in for that overnight, I was able to just turn around and talk to the desk guy and have him move the reservation right away. Because at this particular place, reservations in the early part of the week fill up quickly.

Which means I am HOME NOW. For quite some time, at last. The past several weeks has felt like a relentless schedule of driving to and from Houston. It has hardly allowed us time to keep up with our home life, take care of the garden, fix problems with the cars that have arisen, etc etc. I keep complaining that I want my life back. People keep telling me to concentrate on getting well. And I AM, but it’s hard to do that when I’m always on the damn road, sleeping in hotel rooms while the hospital crams my days full of tests and treatments and more tests. Blah.

So. Stereotactic Radiosurgery. It’s not surgery in the sense that there are knives and blood. The name speaks more to the precision and intensity with which the radiation is wielded. My RadOnc explained that usually, with this type of treatment, it’s fractioned into 1, 3 or 5 treatments. He said that in my case, 1 treatment would be too dangerous, because it takes the temperature of the spinal cord up way too high. Yet with 5 treatments, it’s not worth doing at all, because it wouldn’t be enough of a punch to the cancerous cells. (This is why the previous radiation treatment didn’t work – the cancer cells were too dominant, and the radiation too little, spread out over 7 weeks.) So, with 3 treatments, he felt the risk to benefit was the best. The cord temperature was taken up to about 900 C, which they tell me is more than safe. It sounds really hot to me, but there you have it. I’m still alive and still moving around. The thing about radiation is that it can take up to 10 or 12 months for all the side effects to manifest and/or wear off. Especially when in conjunction with neurological systems. But I’m feeling pretty good so far. A little burned on the skin, as was expected, and I’ve developed a cough, and dry sinuses. All expected side effects. I’m keeping myself moving to avoid fibrosis of the impacted muscles, which were already beat up from surgery to begin with. Now that my schedule has relented, I can get back on the treadmill and get back up to that 30-minute mile I had going before the myelogram mess.

And this week, I plan to go back to the office, half-days at first. I had intended to start back on Monday, but S is insisting I take a few more days to rest. I compromised and said I’ll work from home, as there are things that need my attention, and I will go back on Wednesday (after my birthday). I’ll go half-days for a week or two and then start driving myself in at my normal time. I think it’s highly important that I get back on the horse. S is always exceedingly protective whenever I talk about getting back to work, and sometimes I wonder if it’s just because he likes having me at home with him. But of course, he says it’s because my health is important. And I know it is important. Just, you know, I am sick of being sick. I want my life – and my autonomy – back. I really got lucky this time that I was not confined to a neck brace; when I had one last year, it was several months before I was even able to drive a car. At this point, I am fairly comfortable driving already. Yes, I’m stiff in those muscles, but it isn’t unsafe for me to be operating a car at least (well, no more than usual for me!).

In other things: I have almost completed sock #3, and will cast on sock #4 right away afterwards. Then I will take a small break from socks, I think. Just a small one, because all my friends and family should know by now that they are getting hand-knitted socks for Christmas. Heh. Anyway, I have some embroidery projects that are languishing in a basket – which do not travel well to doctor appointments – and I’d love to get back to them. Plus there is a bunch of sewing that has been piling up around room: curtains that need a hem, and some skirts that need repairs, plus a few alterations I had intended to do before all this stuff began. Oh yeah and there is that book(s) I was trying to write.

On reading, I’ve picked up a used copy of Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings. I read his Mistborn trilogy, and liked it a lot, but I admit I am a bit confused already in this new series. However, it is a Really Long Book, so I imagine all will be explained. Oh and yes, I’m aware he finished Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series and I could really care less. I gave up on that ham-fisted series years ago.

And since, as I mentioned, I do not have another appointment now for more than a month (yippee!) I suspect that this will be the last cancerous update of doom for a while. So there.

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