“I grow weary of the journeying…”

Three and a half hours out, three and a half hours back. That’s what it is every time I have to go to Houston.

Surely all this mileage can be written off on my taxes?

The myelogram on Monday was successful. It did leave me with some annoying sciatic pain which took most of last week to abate. Friday was supposed to begin the first of three stereotactic radiosurgery treatments. I say “was supposed to” because apparently they changed it without calling me first, and the only reason I knew to cancel my hotel reservations before the 6pm deadline was because I happened to look at the schedule at 5:35. I swear to Lugh, this is a habit there, with the schedulers. They just change stuff and expect you to check online, repeatedly through the day. Sure, eventually one of the evening techs called me, but if I hadn’t seen the change myself, I would have been charged for a hotel room I wouldn’t be using. I feel like I should voice my displeasure at someone about this, but I don’t know who.

The hubby and I planned on staying the night only because we both have been having so much back trouble with all the driving, that going out for the hour-long session and then hopping back into the car seems like the last thing either of us wants to do. It gets too uncomfortable and we’re both squirming about an hour into the journey. I’d love to have a newer car with fancy seats that aren’t 15 years old and completely blown out from use, but that’s not in the cards. Unless of course the Universe wishes to gift me with one. I’d certainly accept. (One of the new Fiats would be nice.)

So as of now, I’m scheduled for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of this week, and will have to work hotel arrangements and being sure the kitties aren’t alone too long all around that. Next week (on my birthday) we’re there for another overnight stay to see my surgeon and get follow-up MRIs. I believe this time around they are checking my Borg Enhancements rods and screws to be sure nothing’s backing out, and also to check the rest of my spine to scout for other signs of disease. They haven’t found any to-date, so I’m imagining they won’t this time either. If all these dates sound dizzying to you, just imagine how I feel. I can hardly wait until I have a long stretch of boredom. Indeed, I find myself longing for the normalcy that is my office at work.

Onward, to other, non-cancerous things in my world!

I have finished a pair of wool socks, using Lion Brand sock ease in “toffy”.  I do not think the name accurately reflects the colorway, to be honest; it calls to mind more browns than is present and this colorway actually quite reminds me of candy corn. That has been strewn onto a dark grey background. Not that it is a bad colorway, per se, just not what I had in mind when I ordered it (which tells me I really should get sock yarn from the store and not trust what I see on the computer screen). I immediately cast on another sock upon finishing those, this time in the colorway “rock candy” which also doesn’t quite match what was on the screen, but it is better, at least. Anyway, it took several tries to get them made, but ultimately, I found myself “getting it” and now it’s like I actually know what I’m doing. And the first pair are vaguely the same size, so that’s a win in my book.

I’ve read two more Dresdon Files novels in the past week, and there is only one more in the series so far. I had to stop myself from running to the library to grab their copy of Ghost Story, because then I wouldn’t get anything done for another 3 days. I just can’t put them down; I don’t know what it is. I haven’t decided what to read next, despite what I have listed as started in my Goodreads queue. Mostly I find myself knitting instead of reading these last few days. 

I feel like I should share kitten pictures to round this out, but am unable to find the camera. I have memories of having used it recently, yet also fears of having left it somewhere like a hotel room or the hospital. I do hope there was nothing too risque on it. *grimace*

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