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My cabin in the Woods

I had this dream, some time ago, when I was still reading a particular author’s blog* wherein I saw said author on the front porch of a large cabin, which had a really tall set of stairs leading up to … Continue reading

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Breathe in, the pre-recorded voice instructs. Hold your breath. There is a whirring sound as an x-ray source spins around you, inside the detector ring of a CT scanner. The table you are stretched out on moves on its track. … Continue reading

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The lure of competition

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the tendency of people to compete, even when it seems like an inappropriate time to do so. Perhaps compete isn’t the right word, but there appears to be a general mood of defensiveness … Continue reading

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I take the middle path

There has been a lot of discussion (and argument and frothing at the mouth) about the state of being paid for creative works. At least on the Internet, there is. Confrontational posts appear on Craigslist, in the music sections, imploring … Continue reading

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Time wasters (Or: Giving Myself [and Maybe a Few Others] a Good Talking To)

Here’s the thing… Ask yourself this question: on your deathbed, as you recount your life’s accomplishments, or regrets, do you think you’ll find yourself saying “I wish I’d spent more time on Facebook/Twitter/watching sports on TV/being inflammatory to strangers on … Continue reading

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Embracing the Amateur

I had begun to compose a long, rambling blog entry (as opposed to my usual short, concise ones? it is to laugh&#8230 about embracing amateurism and how it is not actually this bad word that Americans seem to think it … Continue reading

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Creating Under Fire

I spend far too much time distracted by thoughts of fiber content and what pattern can best use up the stash of yarn I already own so I can justify buying more yarn. And my stash isn’t nearly as big … Continue reading

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It’s about that Healthy GLOW

I was writing in ScribeFire, but it does some funky formatting tango to my posts without my telling it to, which leaves me having to remove a bunch of CSS I didn’t tell it to do, which is hardly the … Continue reading

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Challenges and facing them

I am actually researching devices to aid one in knitting with only one hand. I am considering how much my typing speed may be slowed, should I lose motor function in my right hand and considering how much this might … Continue reading

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We are what we repeatedly do

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit”. -Will Durant summarizing Aristotle’s philosophy in ”The Story of Philosophy” (1926). It’s funny how sometimes an idea or concept starts bouncing around inside your head, … Continue reading

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