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I gave up Walking for Lent

Last year I gave up Social Media for Lent, despite being neither Christian nor Catholic. It was an interesting experiment at the time, and one that worked. This year? I could not have done it. This year, I found myself … Continue reading

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Observations on Lacking Twitter

There are many times per day that I find myself wanting to post a witticism to Twitter. But more often, what I notice is that I have something brief to just mention, a note that doesn’t call for an entire … Continue reading

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Progress Report: my hiatus from social media

It was February 18 when I declared that I would be laying off Twitter (and other various forms of social media) for the 6-week period people have come to know as Lent. So here I am, having reached the midway … Continue reading

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Giving Up Social Media for Lent

It seems odd to talk about giving up anything for Lent. Least of all because I am not Catholic. But also because the thing I’ve chosen is social media. And I’m blogging about it, of all things. But I think … Continue reading

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2014 Wrap Up Post

So I haven’t been the most diligent of bloggers. This year has been one of the most challenging to date, in terms of keeping up with…everything. Even now, on my messy desk, I have a stack of paperwork for my … Continue reading

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My cabin in the Woods

I had this dream, some time ago, when I was still reading a particular author’s blog* wherein I saw said author on the front porch of a large cabin, which had a really tall set of stairs leading up to … Continue reading

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Some Considerations for the Coming Year

It is okay to not engage in figuring out what other people are thinking. It is perfectly acceptable, even, to not try and control what they are thinking. Trying to control other people is insanity, really. You do not want … Continue reading

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A Quick Thought

Nothing quite compares to an evening with the extended family, having buffet-style foods (of which I eat very little) and playing silly games, ringing bells and listening to Christmas music. I am not a Christian, but my parents are and … Continue reading

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The lure of competition

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the tendency of people to compete, even when it seems like an inappropriate time to do so. Perhaps compete isn’t the right word, but there appears to be a general mood of defensiveness … Continue reading

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Practicing non-attachment

It’s been about 2 weeks now, since Mr. Luna and I moved ourselves and our kitties out of my in-laws’ rec room and into our own apartment. We’d been there since the end of February, and that was quite enough … Continue reading

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