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2014 Wrap Up Post

So I haven’t been the most diligent of bloggers. This year has been one of the most challenging to date, in terms of keeping up with…everything. Even now, on my messy desk, I have a stack of paperwork for my … Continue reading

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A Quick Thought

Nothing quite compares to an evening with the extended family, having buffet-style foods (of which I eat very little) and playing silly games, ringing bells and listening to Christmas music. I am not a Christian, but my parents are and … Continue reading

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Jesse Lee Ross

And now, because I want to promote the artists local to my region, here is Jessi Lee Ross and her beautiful ambient music:  

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Reconnecting With My Landbase

In 1997, I was 24. I married the man I’d already been living with for nearly 5 years and together, we set off for San Francisco, California, like lots of people my age were doing at the time. The economy … Continue reading

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Fear-based Living (or Why I Don’t Watch TV News)

It’s supposed to storm real bad today. Going out tonight? Well be careful. These are just some of the phrases favored by my mother-in-law, who is an inordinately fearful person. I’ve never met someone so afraid of the world as … Continue reading

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Ready for a New Chapter

Autumn always makes me ready for a change, a shift, a new chapter. Even though down here in the seventh level of Hell Texas, it is still in the 100’s every damn day, and even though astronomical autumn doesn’t begin … Continue reading

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I’ll take a beer without the chicken feathers please

Back home, in Pennsylvania, there is a flea market/auction that happens every Monday morning. It’s in Green Lane and it’s known locally as the “Perkiomen Sale”. It started off as a livestock auction across the river in Frederick, but then … Continue reading

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