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I gave up Walking for Lent

Last year I gave up Social Media for Lent, despite being neither Christian nor Catholic. It was an interesting experiment at the time, and one that worked. This year? I could not have done it. This year, I found myself … Continue reading

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It’s Not a Journey, but a Slog

The other day, I received my first disabled parking placard. Mr. Luna and I have joked for a few years now (gods, this segment of treatment has been happening for five years) that I should get one. You know, because … Continue reading

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2014 Wrap Up Post

So I haven’t been the most diligent of bloggers. This year has been one of the most challenging to date, in terms of keeping up with…everything. Even now, on my messy desk, I have a stack of paperwork for my … Continue reading

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Ready for a New Chapter

Autumn always makes me ready for a change, a shift, a new chapter. Even though down here in the seventh level of Hell Texas, it is still in the 100’s every damn day, and even though astronomical autumn doesn’t begin … Continue reading

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Embracing the Amateur

I had begun to compose a long, rambling blog entry (as opposed to my usual short, concise ones? it is to laugh&#8230 about embracing amateurism and how it is not actually this bad word that Americans seem to think it … Continue reading

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It’s come to this

For some reason, even though my deductible is $1000 (which I’ve met) and my maximum out-of-pocket is $3000 (which I’ve also met) I am staring at a bill from MD Anderson Cancer Center for more than $7000. Which I do … Continue reading

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Creating Under Fire

I spend far too much time distracted by thoughts of fiber content and what pattern can best use up the stash of yarn I already own so I can justify buying more yarn. And my stash isn’t nearly as big … Continue reading

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It’s about that Healthy GLOW

I was writing in ScribeFire, but it does some funky formatting tango to my posts without my telling it to, which leaves me having to remove a bunch of CSS I didn’t tell it to do, which is hardly the … Continue reading

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“I grow weary of the journeying…”

Three and a half hours out, three and a half hours back. That’s what it is every time I have to go to Houston. Surely all this mileage can be written off on my taxes? The myelogram on Monday was … Continue reading

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In Which I am Not an Expert, yet Quite Parenthetical

I begin this post with gratitude. While I was in the hospital, my husband brought me my “dumb phone”* so that I could make calls to family and send texts to some friends. It is also able to read my … Continue reading

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