About the Author:

Hello, I’m Luna.

I’m a writer and a crafter obsessed with string and fiber, along with being an eclectic witch living with cancer.  I work in the non-profit sector and am married to a wonderful, creative man. Together we have 2 cats living, and 2 who live on in our hearts, though their physical form is no longer with us. After spending many years in San Francisco and then Austin, Texas, we have settled down in our home land-base of rural southeastern Pennsylvania.

About this Site:

I am often inspired to ramble on about the thoughts in my head that are more essay than diary entry, more philosophy than chatter with my friends. Many very personal things about me are locked away in another journal, where they should be. But those things I want to share more widely are here. Those things might be snippets of fiction, poetry, my current knitting project, a recipe that turned out well, or my thoughts about the latest storm in a teacup in the Pagan community.

Why Are the Comments Off?

Because this blog isn’t about me being social, it’s just about my thoughts on things. It’s not a discussion in the way people have become used to on blogs, it’s a collection of essays and rambling. When someone comments on those thoughts or rambles, the original content is changed. Now the commenter is part of the narrative. It causes me to censor myself too much, and not just let the content flow as it should.

Plus it was mostly spam anyway. I never liked Spam.

— Luna

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