Breathe in, the pre-recorded voice instructs. Hold your breath. There is a whirring sound as an x-ray source spins around you, inside the detector ring of a CT scanner. The table you are stretched out on moves on its track. Your arms are above your head, hands resting on a pillow where the technician had […]

Some Considerations for the Coming Year

It is okay to not engage in figuring out what other people are thinking. It is perfectly acceptable, even, to not try and control what they are thinking. Trying to control other people is insanity, really. You do not want others to control you. Why would it be okay to control them? There is a […]

A Quick Thought

Nothing quite compares to an evening with the extended family, having buffet-style foods (of which I eat very little) and playing silly games, ringing bells and listening to Christmas music. I am not a Christian, but my parents are and I respect that. It brought back a lot of memories, some almost 25 years old. […]

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

I told an untruth recently. Not here, elsewhere. On a forum. A toxic place that I keep finding myself going back to after walking away for months or years at a time. Like when you break up with that person you were seeing in high school, run into them again later in life and find […]

The lure of competition

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the tendency of people to compete, even when it seems like an inappropriate time to do so. Perhaps compete isn’t the right word, but there appears to be a general mood of defensiveness amid web commenters and forum users. An article on Huffington Post about the benefits of […]

Jesse Lee Ross

And now, because I want to promote the artists local to my region, here is Jessi Lee Ross and her beautiful ambient music:  

Reconnecting With My Landbase

In 1997, I was 24. I married the man I’d already been living with for nearly 5 years and together, we set off for San Francisco, California, like lots of people my age were doing at the time. The economy was doing well and there were jobs to be had, even with little to no […]

Fear-based Living (or Why I Don’t Watch TV News)

It’s supposed to storm real bad today. Going out tonight? Well be careful. These are just some of the phrases favored by my mother-in-law, who is an inordinately fearful person. I’ve never met someone so afraid of the world as she is. Especially fearful, it seems, of the weather. But also of trying new food. […]